Design Case Study For PHYLTH

Logo Design Case Study For PHYLTH

We did the logo design and brand identity design of Here is the detailed case study for phylth.


how to logo design phylth by alligner

We choose the wordmark logotype for this project because they loved wordmark logos. After barnstorming with our creative team, we came up with some creative logo ideas for phylth in wordmark which can represent the brand in a creative and meaningful way; also this will connect with their primary target audience’s subconscious mind properly.

Reason behind the logo mark

logo design for phylth

We came up with so many creative ideas to showcase their business model in a logo wordmark. By choosing the best ideas, we came up with this final idea. You can see a simple stethoscope that represents the “medical” or “doctors” as medical students were their primary target audiences. Also, you can see the study lamp in the logo mark; this represents the “knowledge” as they help medical students with their medical blogs and pieces of knowledge in medical fields.

Typography of the logo design

We considered the typefaces to be circular and bold as circular things represent creativity or rstudents’ minds, or medical-related things.

Color psychology behind the logo design

We choose some vibrant as well as attractive colors for the PHYLTH logo. So we came up with light yellow with light grey.
Light yellow color represents creativity, and light grey represents professionalism or knowledge.

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