Imprecise logos will drop your customers within 10 seconds.

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Target Audience Specific from Color, Elements and Typeface psychology helps you to become memorable.


We provide a copyright transfer paper. That will help you to get the trademark in future.

File Formats

7 file formats help to save time.


Website favicon of the final logo.

We are a one-stop solution for you for logos with our proven psychology metrics.

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I'm really pleased not only for the design but also your cooperation, working system and also for your kind behavior! After my confirmation, you just took only 50% as an advance, but provided me your service until I wasn't 100% satisfied! And I must say, the carrying charge is so affordable rather than others. I would highly recommend going with the service for once, you will never be disappointed! Many thanks to you! Go ahead!

Susmita Pallob Founder

I have been a happy client of "Alligner" for a long time. The team has always delivered quality work along with maintaining amazing professional standards of working and the quality of service they provide is like awesome and give a perfect satisfaction to the customers. I would recommend to people out there to shoutout to http://Alligner.com

Samarth Sharma Founder

They are really so creative, i just loved the logo, also we got the trademark on our new logo, thanks a lot steve for helping us, i must recommend everyone

Suman Marketing head at grow to z

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