Imprecise logos will drop your customers within 10 seconds.

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Target Audience Specific from Color, Elements and Typeface psychology helps you to become memorable.


We provide a copyright transfer paper. That will help you to get the trademark in future.

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7 file formats help to save time.


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We are a one-stop solution for you for logos with our proven psychology metrics.

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Alligner is trusted by 530+ clients all over the world.

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Excellent work. Super fast service. Affordable. Highly recommended for logo designing.

P Ray

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This guy Abhra is the real deal, Hired him to do our cold email marketing and for list building for Akash shade & windows, we booked 30k last month, will use him again and again

Suprobhat Banerjee Founder @ Akash Shade

Abhra created the logo for my business and, true to his tagline, he put the “WOW” in my branding! He delivered the work in a timely manner and produced the design materials in a professional manner from beginning to final delivery. I enjoyed working with Abhra as he is responsive, enthusiastic, and passionate about his work. Despite the huge time zone difference between us, communicating with Abhra felt very easy as he is receptive to feedback and walked me through his design process in a way that flowed very naturally - you can tell he is well-experienced and knowledgeable as a branding/logo designer in this regard. I appreciated how much thought he put into each of his design and color palette recommendations in such an intentional way that aligned to my personality. His explanations of his design choices are delightful and fun! I highly recommend Abhra if you are looking for someone to help kickstart the “WOW” in your branding and logo as his prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of work he delivers.

Michelle Guo Founder MAGICAVE Media LLC

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